The Mother and the founder of the House of Hell Reetta Hellgren is a fashion & costume designer and an architect currently based in Northern Finland.

In 2013 she graduated from Savonia UAS with a bachelor’s degree in fashion and clothing design and in 2016 from Oulu UAS with a

bachelor´s degree in architecture. She's currently working on next House of Hell collection.

She has worked on a number of ballet productions costume designs and made costume desings for finnish drag queens.

She competed in the Finnish project runway 2024.

”I have always been interested in fashion, architecture and art! House of Hell is more than

fashion, its an ideology and a lifestyle. House of Hell collections and pieces are made for gays and queens and everyone inbetween. I believe creativity is an ever-growing thing. I hope House of Hell inspires people to embrace their own uniqueness!”



House of Hell is a fashion designing house from Oulu FIN. House of Hell's mission is to change the world of fashion and encourage everyone to express themselves through style.

When it comes to sustainability House of Hell believes that it should be the bottom line for all designs. House of Hell is constantly trying to find the balance between making conscious designing, fashion and business decisions.

House of Hell is slow fashion and we only make items to order.


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