House of Hells Sustainability Vision and Mission

We’ve got some super cool news. When you make an online order from us, it will arrive in POLLAST!C™ packaging. 


Sustainable packaging solutions

We’re committed to using as little plastic

as possible when sending you your products, this is why we have chosen an earth friendly alternative:

We use POLLAST!C™ Mailers made from 100% Ocean Bound Plastic Pollution. This packaging actually cleans up the environment and helps break the cycle of poverty and plastic pollution the same time.

The bags are also carbon neutral. Please recycle them with soft plastics.

POLLAST!C™ is made from abandoned plastic pollution collected from coastal communities throughout Southeast Asia with no waste

management infrastructure.

 If you’re curious to learn more, visit You can even find out where the plastic pollution that went into a particular bag was collected from!


T-Shirts are made from 100% organic cotton

The production of organic cotton fabric

uses less energy, releases fewer greenhouse gases and due to the improved soil quality, uses significantly less water. It uses no chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides to produce, protecting local habitats and the farmers which grow it. Organic cotton helps promote a more diverse ecosystem as the chemical pesticides don’t cause harm to other species.


Certificates: GOTS, Oeko-Tex 100 and PETA Approved Vegan

By purchasing organic cotton, which is GOTS

certified, you know that the people who create your fabrics are paid a living wage and fairly compensated for their hard work.

The advantages of organic cotton extend

beyond sustainability, ethics and economics. Clothes made from organic cotton are also higher quality, softer, and more durable.



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